Help! It’s my first spray tan

21 Jun Help! It’s my first spray tan

Spray Tan Set Up

Worried about what to do, what to wear and how to prepare? Worry not!

First things first, don’t panic! Everyone had a ‘first’ spray tan experience! But remember, your therapist has more than likely already done this hundreds, if not thousands of times before!

First up, make sure you prep and follow the advice given to you when you make your spray tan appointment. Take a look at our previous post on how to prep and care for your tan if you need a recap.

What you wear during the spray tan is up to you. For ladies, you’ll more than likely be offered a disposable g-string but if you’re more comfortable keeping your own pants/thong/g-string on, that’s no problem – the tan will rinse out (but maybe don’t go for your most expensive, crisp white knickers!) Just remember, wherever you have covered, won’t tan so think about the size of your undies too!

Therapists are used to seeing topless females so please don’t feel embarrassed (or if you do feel embarrassed, just remember this is only for 10 minutes, it’ll soon be over and your breasts aren’t the first and won’t be the last they ever see!). If you’re really uncomfortable being topless, ask your therapist if they have a disposable bra for you to wear, or again, if you’d prefer to keep your own bra or bikini top on, that is okay too.

After your tan, you’ll be given a few moments to let the tan dry off and then you can dress in loose clothing that won’t rub – avoid putting your bra straps on and tight skinny trousers for example. A pair of flip flops are a great idea too.

Listen and act on the aftercare advice given by your therapist and that’s it! Tan done!

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