How to prep & care for your spray tan

14 Jun How to prep & care for your spray tan



An experienced spray tan therapist can do amazing things, but in order to achieve the best spray tan results, there are a few golden rules to remember

  • exfoliate thoroughly before your tan to remove dead skin cells using MoroccanPrimer which will buff and polish your skin to help create the perfect base
  • wax or shave 24 hours prior to your appointment
  • keep skin well hydrated and nourished but ensure skin is free from moisturisers, body oils/butters, deodorants or perfume before you arrive for your appointment
  • make sure to bring loose clothing and footwear to wear after your appointment


To make sure your MoroccanTan spray tan lasts:

  • do not apply moisturisers, body oils/butters, deodorants or perfume to the skin immediately after a spray tan
  • avoid using soap with your first shower after your MoroccanTan. Use only warm water to rinse off the guide colour after the specified length of time. Your tan will continue to                 develop for the next 8-10 hours at which time you can wash/shower as normal and full colour development will be achieved within 24 hours.
  • avoid activities that will make you perspire
  • ensure you moisturise your skin every day with MoroccanGlow or  MoroccanButter to keep skin soft and hydrated and avoid your spray tan going patchy or wearing off quickly
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