Meet the Products

MoroccanTan Retail Collection


MoroccanTan® products have the unique Moroccan Blend™ colour technology, consisting of Argan Oil, Triple Enhanced Bronzers and Moisture Lock to create the perfect natural bronze tan and with ingredients such as organic Argan Oil, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, your skin will be moisturised and nourished with a rich natural looking colour and healthy glowing skin.



In-Salon Spray Tan Treatments

With a MoroccanTan® professional spray tan, you will get a beautiful rich tan that works with the pigment in your own skin tone, to give you natural looking results every time.
The spray-on tanning solution gives you instant colour which can be rinsed off in as little as 30 minutes* to leave you with and beautiful rich tan and moisturised skin that glows.


The latest addition to the MoroccanTan® family is MoroccanAccelerated. The 30-minute formula, suitable for all skin types, promotes vitality and delivers a darker, natural and intense finish, with the skin emerging supple, smooth and deeply bronzed.


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* some formulas will require 4 hours before they can be rinsed off. Full colour development will be achieved within 12-24 hours.



MoroccanTan® offers an extensive range of self-tanning products, from gradual tan builders which also prolong the life of your spray tan, to instant colour products that give you long-lasting results; all enriched with the same nourishing properties that represent the MoroccanTan® brand – organic Argan Oil, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.



Instant Results




With a 360° innovative spray nozzle for easy application, the MoroccanTan® Airbrush Spray has a quick-drying tanning formula and a beautiful instant colour which develops over time. The Airbrush Spray’s true talent lies in the finish it can give to a beautifully made-up face. It truly is a Face Finish Perfector! Perfect for all skin types.



From the MoroccanTan® Original range, comes the MoroccanTan® Instant Tan available as a Lotion and Mousse. Ideal for fair to medium skin tones

The Instant Tanning Lotion and Mousse have been perfectly designed for all skin-types with a quick drying, non-oily and non-sticky formula that absorbs deep into the skin to help nourish the skin, leaving a beautiful instant-tan.




Suitable for all skin types, the quick-drying formula of MoroccanTan® Instant Exotic Mousse develops into a deep, bronze exotic tan over time. Infused with Argan and Rosehip oils and enriched with a blend of vitamins to achieve intense skin nourishment and a longer lasting tan.


The MoroccanTan® Flawless Instant Wash Off is created with signature enhanced bronzers and luscious illuminators which achieve an instant bronze tan. MoroccanTan® Flawless Instant Wash Off is infused with Argan and Rosehip oils and its lightweight consistency allows it to glide effortlessly onto the skin providing you with streak-free, silky, hydrated skin and a flawless tan. It’s waterproof and transfer resistant but will remove beautifully in the shower with soap or body wash crème!

Gradual Build & Tan Extenders




The MoroccanLuminous 3-in1 Gradual Tan Extenders, available in both lotion and mousse, have been perfectly designed for daily use to build a natural light tan or to maintain and extend your professional MoroccanTan® spray tan. The 3-in-1 formula is infused with Argan and Rosehip oils to nourish and moisturise the skin.

Both Lotion and Mousse are luxurious, lightweight and glide effortlessly onto the body providing you with silky and hydrated skin whilst delivering a beautiful natural glow over time.


The must-have spray tan essential, MoroccanGlow 2-in-1 Extender has been perfectly designed for daily use to prolong your MoroccanTan© spray tan.
MoroccanGlow 2-in-1 Extender uniquely combines the benefits of Argan Oil with a healthy hint of bronze, leaving your skin feeling soft and silky with a gorgeous natural glow.
Suitable for all skin types, the quick-drying formula is non-sticky, non-oily and absorbs deeply to nourish the skin to keep it hydrated and your MoroccanTan® boosted and vibrant.

Tan Essentials


A refining skin exfoliator, the MoroccanTan® Primer buffs away dead skin cells leaving skin polished, nourished and cleansed to ensure the perfect canvas for a flawless tan.

This luxurious primer can also be used as a body-polisher after you have been professionally tanned or are using the any of the self-tanning products.



Perfectly designed to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, the Honey Orange Blossom fragranced Moroccan Butter uniquely combines the benefits of Organic Argan Oil, Coconut Oil and a blend of essential vitamins, leaving your skin feeling soft and silky, helping to prolong the life of your tan.  




Use the beautiful Honey Orange Blossom fragranced Moroccan Cleanse as a daily treatment to thoroughly cleanse and hydrate your skin. This invigorating body cleanser refreshes, softens and soothes the skin.  



Enhance, bronze and define with Moroccan Bronzer & Illuminator. Perfectly formed by blending warm hues and illuminating pigments to create a sheer and radiant colour designed for highlighting and contouring.


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self-tanning range of products or offers a MoroccanTan® in-salon spray tanning treatment.